1950 Double Auger Grain Cart

The Killbros 1950 dual-auger grain cart is the choice for quick and convenient harvesting of your biggest fields.  Both augers run full of grain for maximum unloading efficiency. Unloading up to 400 bushels per minute, the 1950 is built to handle large capacities of grain, keeping you moving through harvest.  When you need efficency, you need a Killbros.



    • 14" horizontal floor auger feeds the 16" vertical unloading auger for unloading speeds up to 400 bushels per minute
      • 5/16" thick super-edged flighting adds to the auger life
    • Extended auger reach and a narrow transport width is acheived with the unique auger fold design
      • 6' 9 3/4" of auger reach and 14' 1" of auger height for easily unloading to center of truck
      • Auger reach can be increased up to 7' 3 3/4" with the addition of the hydraulically adjustable downspout option
    • A hydraulic lock valve on the auger provides a positive seal, preventing any grain leakage
    • Rubber rest pads help the auger ride safely and securely during transport
    • Auger-mounted halogen unloading light offers nighttime visibility


    • Augers are powered by a 1 3/4"-20 spline PTO that is shear bolt-protected with extra shear bolts stored along tongue
    • Heavy-duty, tapered sprockets with a double #80 roller chain drive features tighteners for constant tension and maximum chain life
      • Chain Oiler is standard



    • 1,100 bushel carrying capacity
    • Two front viewing windows and rear mounted ladder allow for safer and easier monitoring of cart contents
    • Hydraulic flow indicator helps control the metering of grain when topping off trucks
    • True-oscillating hitch is available in single-tang or clevis style for smoother towing
    • Low-profile tank design provides narrow transport width, steep side slopes and low center of gravity
    • Lighting and reflective striping meet the strictest state requirements
    • Hinged clean-out doors along horizontal auger for quick and easy cleanout


    Single Wheel and Tire

    • Features a 120" rigid axle
    • Tractor lug tire design with multiple tire options available

    Tracked Undercarriage

    • 40" main end-wheels feature 10-bolt hubs for added durability
    • All end-wheels and mid-rollers feature hubs that are greaseable and triple-lip seals with a steel guard for optimum lubrication
    • Hydraulic belt tensioning adjustment for easier track alignment, optimum ground contact and even weight distribution
      • 36" wide rubber track with 90" of ground contact length
      • Two cast, pivoting mid-rollers are on the same plane as the main end-wheels for optimum flotation


    Your complete ISOBUS grain cart scale and harvest data solution!  By utilizing ISOBUS technology, the user can operate the UHarvest® Pro grain cart scale and data management system on the virtual terminal display in the tractor, eliminating the need for batteries and extra monitors in the cab.  Simply plug into the ISOBUS port and you’re ready to go!  With a free subscription to Slingshot® reporting, you have a complete data management solution that seamlessly integrates with most crop insurance requirements.  Need to send your data to the cloud?  Simply connect your mobile device with cellular data to the Bluetooth signal and open the free UHarvest Pro app to make it happen!

    Standard Features

    • The UHarvest Pro grain cart scale and data management system works on any ISOBUS Virtual Terminal display. The easy-to-use platform permits easy setup and operation directly from a monitor that you already have in the tractor cab.  No need for additional monitors, cabling or batteries!
    • The harvest data structure allows you to track each load using a grower, farm and field structure as well as truck, destination and crop variety for complete harvest data reporting.
    • Easily add up to 5 custom crop types along with the included crop types. Plus, with UHarvest Pro, you can setup truck and bin capacities to help monitor your harvest production and storage requirements.
    • Accu-Save automatically records loads using the proximity sensor mounted on the driveshaft of the grain cart for the most accurate and complete harvest record keeping possible.
    • Hitch weight management feature allows the operator to maintain optimum tractor and cart control by keeping the grain load evenly distributed.  This feature not only monitors grain and total cart weight, it also shows real-time hitch weight and a color gauge to avoid overloading the hitch during loading.
    • Use the Combine Verify screen to easily calibrate the combine yield monitor with one touch. This calibration event is saved in the UHarvest Pro system once the verification process is completed.
    • Slingshot cloud reporting is included with every purchase of the UHarvest Pro grain cart scale system.  Slingshot is a secure, first-of-its-kind, web-based system that lets you send, store and share your harvest data.  Using the free UHarvest Pro mobile app, you can easily send files from the field on a mobile device with cellular connection to your Slingshot account.
    • The free UHarvest Pro mobile app allows you to send your harvest data to Slingshot directly from the field.  Once you have connected your mobile device to the Bluetooth connection provided by the GCM, launch the app and you're ready to go.  Upload once a day or once a season. It's easy to use and completely up to you! (available on IOS and Android devices).

    Optional Features

    • The optional Accu-Load technology provides quick and easy loading of trucks by closing the grain cart’s flow gate when the desired weight is unloaded.  After you’ve installed the HCV (hydraulic control valve) on the cart, simply push the “Auto” button for precise weight unloading.  Each truck weight is matched to the truck name for easier operation.  The operator can then focus on topping off each truck and proper grain placement.
    • Want to easily send a report to your crop insurance agent that includes the actual dry bushel count? Consider it done with the optional Moisture Sense system. It measures grain moisture as it leaves the cart and averages the content of each load, then converts all grain unloaded to standard dry bushels for the ultimate in harvest record keeping.

    Visit uharvest.net for complete information pertaining to the UHarvest Pro grain cart scale and data management system.


    Scale Packages

    • UHarvest Pro ISOBUS Grain Cart Scale & Data Management Solution
      • Please refer to the UHarvest tab or uharvest.net for more information
    • Model 520 Scale Package
      • Features auto-log and the patent-pending start/stop button for ease of use
      • The large, mutli-line display features an alpha-numeric keyboard for easily editing or changing fields
      • Combine check button can help calibrate the the combine's yield monitor, accumulation of weights per field entry and the ability to store 1 year's worth of harvest data in the monitor's memory
      • Comes with PC software and a 1GB USB flash drive to easily download your harvest information to your computer in Excel or PDF format
    • Model 410 Scale Package
      • Scale display specifically designed for ease of use with the patent-pending start/stop button
      • Assign, view and change six character field information and accumulate weights within a field
      • Optional printer is required for record keeping
    • Remote scale display for the 520 and 410 scale indicators features a 4" x 18" LED screen that can be mounted to the side of the grain cart for easy viewing of the loaded weight of the grain cart

    Other Options

    • Directional Downspout- controls flow of grain for easy unloading
    • Hydraulic Drive Motor- For tractors without a PTO
    • Optional Weatherguard Roll Tarp protects grain from adverse weather conditions
    • Auto Greaser for tracked undercarriage provides consistent lubrication at regular intervals throughout the day to all main pivoting points for easier maintenance
      • Provides up to 160 hours worth of greasing and is powered through tractor's electrical system
    • Canvas spout to add to rubber spout