1100-Series Corner Auger Grain Carts

If you're looking for a dependable and valuable time-saving addition to your farming operation, look to the Killbros 1100-Series grain carts. Designed and built with the operator in mind, these carts offer a reliable solution that helps your harvesting efficiency. The 1100-series offers 500 to 1,100 bushel capacity models to meet the needs of any operation!



    • Corner-auger assembly provides maximum visibility and auger reach for convenient unloading.
    • Model 1135 features a 20" diameter auger for unloading speeds up to 500 bushels per minute.
      • Model 1135 features a standard 2-Way hydraulic downspout for precise grain placement.
    • Models 1195, 1185 and 1175 feature a 17" diameter auger for unloading speeds up to 400 bushels per minute.
    • Models 1160 and 1150 feature a 14" diameter auger for unloading speeds up to 300 bushels per minute.
    • Model 1135 features 7/16" extended-wear flighting while all other models feature 5/16" super-edge flighting.
    • Auger mounted halogen unloading light for greater nighttime visibility.
    • Direct mounted auger-fold cylinder provides positive locking and features nickel undercoating and chrome plating for the best protection against weathering.
    • Computer-balanced auger flighting ensures smooth unloading
    • Four position drive dog reduces auger startup shock to maximize driveline longevity.



    • Available in 500, 600, 750, 850, 1,000 and 1,100 bushel capacities.
    • Lower sump placement enables cart to be manufactured with steeper front and rear slopes which provide complete and easy cleanout.
    • Tubular frame construction for added strength and durability
    • Models 1135, 1195, 1185 and 1175 feature a standard slip-clutch PTO while models 1160 and 1150 feature a shear-bolt protected driveline.
    • Nonslip surface on tongue and viewing ladder for convenient viewing of carts load.
    • Convenient hose holders for easy storage and hookup.
    • Transport lights and reflective striping meet the strictest state requirements.
    • Viewing windows in front and back offer safer and easier viewing of cart contents.
    • Clevis or single-tang, swivel-style hitch prevents damage to tractor drawbar.
    • Hydraulically operated 36" flow gate with highly visible position indicator for controlling grain flow.
    • Lever-actuated clean out door for easier sump cleanout and pit dumping.
    • Model 1135 features a standard Weatherguard roll tarp to protect your harvested crop.


    Rigid Axle Singles

    • Choice of tractor lug or diamond tread design depending on tire.
    • Model 1135 features a 134" rigid axle.
    • Model 1195 features a choice of 134" or 144" rigid axle.
    • Models 1150, 1160, 1175 and 1185 feature a 120" rigid axle.
    • Mutliple tire options available.

    Adjustable Axle Singles

    • Choice of tractor lug or diamond tread design depending on tire.
    • Available on models 1175, 1185 and 1135 and are adjustable from 120" to 150" centers.
    • Multiple tire options available.

    Adjustable Axle Duals

    • Straddle row design available on models 1175 and 1185.
    • Multiple tire options available.


    A complete harvest data management solution, UHarvest is the first ever system offered on either a tablet or ISO screen for a complete touchscreen interface that's easy to use for anyone in your operation!  With UHarvest Data Management, not only can you record your grain cart load weights, you can track every detail regarding your crops, trucks, destinations and even DRY bushel count.  The UHarvest Lite scale system offers complete ISOBUS grain cart scale operation for quick, convenient and accurate field weighing capability.

    UHarvest Data Management system features

    • Complete Touch-Screen Operation — Easy-to-use operation from your tractor’s ISOBUS virtual terminal screen or touch-screen tablet, or both
    • Accu-Save Data Recording — Automatically records data for each load
    • Grower, Farm, Field Information — Log your harvest by grower, farm and field for detailed reporting
    • Truck And Destination Site Identification — Easily log bushels by trucks and destinations
    • Combine Verify — Easily use grain cart to assist in calibrating the combine yield monitor with one touch
    • Hitch Weight Management — Monitor load distribution during cart loading
    • USB Data Management — Easily copy UHarvest data for use in your home computer
    • Multiple User Access — Full data access available to multiple users within 400 feet of UHarvest processor
    • UHarvest Cloud Solution Powered By Slingshot® — Slingshot is a secure, web-based data management system that enables you to save and see your harvest data from anywhere
    • The UHarvest mobile app allows you to easily send your harvest data to Slingshot from your mobile device

    UHarvest Data Management system options

    • Moisture Sense Technology — Convert grain weight to dry bushels for precise harvest record keeping
    • Accu-Load Technology — Automatic grain cart unloading and shutoff at desired off-load weight

    UHarvest Lite system features

    • ISOBUS connectivity for displaying your grain cart scale system on your tractors virtual terminal eliminating the need for an added scale display
    • Displays weight, date and time
    • Combine verify feature allows you to easily calibrate your combine yield monitor
    • Accu-Save feature automatically registers each load and displays your most recent 400 loading events on the virtual terminal
    • Hitch-weight monitoring for easily managing load balance between cart and tractor
    • Works with any brand of ISOBUS virtual terminal monitor

    Visit uharvest.net for complete information pertaining the UHarvest system. 



    • UHarvest Data Management - See UHarvest tab for details
    • UHarvest Lite - See UHarvest tab for details
    • Model 640M scale package with indicator- Printer Ready
      • Optional Roll Printer
      • Optional Downloader Kit

    Other Options

    • 2-Way hydraulic discharge spout diverts the flow of grain for easy unloading (standard on model 1135).
    • Hitch option- tingle-tang hitch (In Lieu of Clevis Hitch).
    • PTO option- 1 3/4"- 20 Spline PTO (In Lieu of 1 3/8"- 21 Spline).
    • Hydraulic drive motor- for tractors without a PTO.
    • Weatherguard roll tarp protects grain from adverse weather conditions (standard on model 1135).