Gravity Box Augers & Conveyors

Two of the most useful tools in any operation, the Killbros Gravity Box Conveyor and Auger provide a versatile and time saving addition to any farm.  Couple your choice of auger or conveyor with the available options to suit them perfectly for your operation.


    • Adjustable-width hopper fits virtually any door width
    • Available in 12',14' and 15' sizes with a choice of cupped steel, brush-tip or plastic flighting
    • The hopper's sump placement provides continuous flow rate, minimizing seed damage
    • Transport bracket with locking pin holds the auger tightly to the side of the wagon during transport
    • Six-cubic-inch hydraulic motor is top-mounted to protect components and provides excellent ground clearance
    • Sump access door with pin for quick and complete cleanout from one material to another
    • Flexible 36" discharge spout delivers seed or grain precisely on-target
    • Auger tube mounted winch gives you extra leverage to easily raise and lower the auger


    • 8” cupped and cleated conveyor belt, inside a 6” tube provides fast and gentle seed handling of 10-12 bushels per minute
    • The unique sump-style hopper keeps the conveyor full during operation and also features a door with latch for easy cleanout from one seed variety to another
    • Six-cubic-inch hydraulic motor is top-mounted to protect components and provide excellent ground clearance. Requires just 8-12 gallons per minute and 1,200 PSI.
    •  Durable steel construction with a powder coat finish for a high-quality look and durable construction
    • 16’ conveyor, along with the standard 3-stage spout that extends from 6’ to 10’, stretch to a 44’ reach for easily filling a 16-row planter
    • Universal mounting system allows for easy installation on 400+ bu. gravity boxes with door widths ranging from 34” to 62”
    • Secure storage and narrow transport with the unique bracket with handle and winch for easily fitting into transport position
    • Locking winch easily raises and lowers unit from transport position to desired working height


    • Easily control material flow from the end of the spout with the convenient, handheld electric on-off switch
    • Telescoping downspout, either 2 or 3 stage, provides maximum reach of up to 42', for convenient filling of planters and drills (Augers only; Conveyor offers 6'-10' telescopic spout standard)
    • 8-HP power unit available with pull or electric start for convenient and efficient moving of material